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Mariana Avifauna Conservation (MAC) Project

Ultimately, the MAC project was initiated by DFW, in cooperation with USFWS and AZA, as a response to the threat of the Brown Treesnake in the CNMI. Specifically it was developed to identify and implement conservation actions necessary to ensure the persistence of CNMI's avifauna. The establishment of the Brown Treesnake on Saipan, and the increased threat of the species establishment on the islands of Rota and Tinian, serves as a direct threat to the survival of many of the CNMI's endemic and rare bird species.

The MAC project is intended to provide the avifauna of the Mariana archipelago with the best possible chances for long-term survival, with the objectives of preserving, maintaining, and establishing self-sustaining populations of native, free flying birds secure from the threat of the Brown Tree-snake.  To achieve these goals, two programs are the primary tools of the MAC project:

Captive Breeding Program

Conservation Introduction Program